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ED PSYCH TESTING Why should you get your child tested? What will it involve? How do I go about it? "Parents are frequently advised to have their child assessed by an Educational Psychologist especially where there has been a severe and persistent difficulty in acquiring literacy which has resisted usual teaching methods. " Why

Choosing a School

  How to choose the right School? Choosing a school for your child is probably one the most difficult tasks you will face as a parent and one which will have many repercussions. Remember that no school is ever 100% correct for every child. Look at the school as a whole and establish what

Famous Dyslexics

FAMOUS DYSLEXICS There are many famous dyslexics including entrepreneurs, politicians and sports people. Steve Redgrave - Rower & CBE At the age of 38, and watched by nearly 7 million British TV viewers, Steve Redgrave entered the record books as the only person every to have won five consecutive Olympic gold medals.  His success

How does it feel to be Dyslexic?

  HOW DOES IT FEEL? Most Dyslexics have problems with reading, writing and short-term memory; a combination of all or some and in varying degrees. Until recently children who struggled with these conditions were often labelled slow, lazy or disruptive. Many suffer from lack of self esteem, confidence and become humiliated and frustrated because

What is Dyscalculia?

Dyscalculia Dyscalculia is a specific learning difficulty in mathematics. Like dyslexia, dyscalculia can be caused by a visual perceptual deficit. Dyscalculia refers specifically to the difficulty performing operations in maths or arithmetic. Along with dyslexia, the extent to which you can be affected varies tremendously in each individual. Like dyslexia there is no single

Advantages of Dyslexia

  ADVANTAGES OF DYSLEXIA? WHAT CAN DYSLEXIC AND ADD PEOPLE DO better than others ? Strengths of Creative Thinkers *   Many people with learning differences of Dyslexia and ADD are capable of some extraordinary thinking and can be extremely successful once they learn some coping strategies. This is why we prefer to call

What is Dyslexia?

  What is Dyslexia? 'Dyslexia' comes from a Greek word and it means 'difficulty with words'. Dyslexia affects reading, spelling, writing, memory and concentration, and sometimes maths, music, foreign languages and self-organisation. Some people call dyslexia 'a specific learning difficulty'. Dyslexia tends to run in families. Dyslexia continues throughout life. 10% of the population